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The Lazy Way to Pixel Shade

by Innerflame


Ok I never did a tutorial before so bare with me.

I am using a base from Pink Land


I use Paint Shop Pro 7









Finished doll. See how the lights and darks has taken shape??

Now go and try it for yourself. This works with Jeans too!!

Now you can go back though with your 20% light color and go over the same area as much as you want. TO get the desired effect you need for the outfit.

Same for the darker color at 50%, Now mind you you can go and lower the Opacity . Just to make the colors better.



Ok now to pic out a light shad for the inside..the shiney area..the "light" .

See the chart of the colors to the left. The "old color"... just slide the circle down a tad and get the desired color.  Now goback to tool options and set the Opacity to 20%.  The reason for this will be shown later. Yes it doesn't look like much as it is shown..a little TO light..can hardly see..but goto next step.





Now resnag your darkest color..the outline that you used.

Goto your Tool Options pannel and slide the opacity to 50%..see the little chart to the left?? Now the bottom shows the Tool Options.

Remember you are filling in shadows in the dress. Where you think the folds will me. Yes it does look a bit odd right now but trust me.

You can go over the outlines like between the dress and shirt.


Now take your lighter color and fill it . Taking your magic wand and click inside the outline dress. There should be dancing "ants" inside the lines. Fill that. And right click to make them "ants" go away.


Snag your base and create another layer. If you want make a little pallet on another layer to keep all your colors.

Now use your darkest color and out line your dress