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By Fairy Pixieby Fairy PixieThis one by Adriana.. It is ME!!  *blushing* by American Pie

Created for me by RedEye!! Wowsers!!Made by Sandi3d..WOOHOO..lovely gal!Made by ShyarraCreated by Don't ya just love him???

My Snoopy and Peanut..*giggle* Also by Jen. *hugs dogs*by kezzoi.. OOO thankyou!!

Made by cherish Thanks GF!

Made by the wonderful Tami *ooo sigh*

by Lexie Ibm3bz made this ocean beauty by Nisha *smile*This one is from Iliana.. SO adorable!!by Spacecase78 Isn't she just AWSOME??!!

Made by Zennmistress Made by Zenn Mistresscreated by Lil_greek_goddess90..SO sweet isn't he??

Created by My sis jennifer.. CUTE CUTE!!Cute troll gal by Isidriel.. she is SUCH a talented DollerMe as a Goddess. *giggle* By Brina.

Made by Angel Bunnyby Patienceby patienceby Patience

my Mousey by Samorra..((HUGS))by Imb3zAingeal created this for auctions...and I nabbed it.

by Telepelwen by Lady Vader

bt CynaCatby kimicatt