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Bases by Wayuki Dolls


I met Tami though..yes ROTF. She is just SO

sweet and giving. *smile* I have such a good time

with her on AIM.


From Tami

base by Angy-chan

Gifts to her

I didn't make this..hehe.Base by Xandorra Dolls

base by Jen's Dollz n Suchbase by Mawled n DolledBase by Pink LandFor my sis Tami

Gifts from her

From Tami...*HUGS SIS*Created by Tami from ROTF..OOOO don'tcha just love it!! 

base by Dhaling..from Tami

My Latest from my beautiful sister TamiFrom my sis Tami..isn't he CUTE??


base by Tarabella doll by my sis TamiFrom my sister Tami..she spoils meAnother from my sis

Base by Guenavier dolls