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Real Name:  Frances Angela Barnhart

Location: Ohio

Fav. Food: Chineese and Mexican

Nationality: I am half Italian, and the reast is German, English and American Indian.

Pets: Snoopy...the little dog at the top. He's my baby.

Interest: Computers, singing, art.

Age: Now you didn't actually think I would tell ya now did ya? lol.

Thoughts on Life: It is a series of choices. What you choose to do will cause a ripple effect in your life.

                             Weather it be a good choice or a bad choice.

Likes: Sunrise, sun sets. The smell of the rain in the summer. The sound of children laughing. Birds on a quite day

           Relaxing with my pooch watching t.v. *when I get the chance*  Getting together with friends. *now who doesn't like that?*

          Finishing a job well done.

Dislikes: People who think they are better then others. People who make fun of others disablities.Driving in the  SNOW!! Humm..                              

          Closed mindes. Forceful people.

Fav Movie: Lord of the Rings though right now I do like I Robot. Am sorry just LOVE that movie.

Fav Music: Right now it is Kutless. A must to hear wether you are christian or not.