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Past Winners of MY contest





Rules yes Rules

1. No frankendolling..akk if it is hacked I WILL know.

2. No bigger then 300 x 300 ixels This should be enough room for a background.

3. Yes it can have a background. But keep the size to a minamum.

4. Must have a web site. Am sorry. But I want to link you up.How can I link ya.

5. Animation is alowed..but keep it under 4 to 5 frames. *Smile*



I will need the following

Your name

URL of site

your name.


 Emal your entries




1st place, Link on frount page for two months. and a nice award.Doll or blinkie if wanted.

2nd place, link on frount for a month and a nice award

3rd link for two weeks and a nice award.

My Choice link for a month and award. and blinkie of choic

Most Creative - and award and blinkie